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CBD Skin Treatment

With recent advancements and legislation changes, CBD has become a huge part of the healthcare industry. At Goodman Dermatology, we are proud to implement the benefits of these products into the lives of our patients. We offer these solutions from our locations in Roswell, Marietta / East Cobb, Woodstock and Dawsonville, GA.

What is CBD Skin Treatment?

CBD is an organic compound that has just recently begun to revolutionize the wellness industry. CBD comes from hemp, marijuana, and related plants. However, CBD is completely non-psychoactive, so it does not possess any of the side effects that make marijuana consumption dangerous.

CBD has many significant health benefits, and more are discovered as research is performed. Currently, some of the most common uses for CBD include pain relief and stress relief. CBD has recently been discovered to also have skin health benefits, which is why Goodman Dermatology is proud to offer CBD products to our patients. Furthermore, our research center hosts a safe and professional environment to test the benefits of CBD products, so that we can provide our patients with the most effective care possible while also furthering the research of CBD.

How Much Does CBD Skin Treatment Cost?

The cost of CBD skin treatment will vary depending on the techniques used. At Goodman Dermatology, we understand that each patient is entirely unique. With different skin types, cosmetic features and treatment needs, each patient deserves a personalized treatment that is designed with them in mind. For these reasons, we are not able to provide an exact cost for treatment until we have the opportunity to assess your treatment goals and develop a personalized treatment plan.

During your consultation, we will discuss your needs and treatment goals in order to determine your treatment plan and inform you of your CBD skin treatment cost. To make our treatments more affordable for our patients, we are proud to offer financing options through CareCredit®.

What Are CBD Skin Treatments Like?

CBD skin treatments are most often administered through topical medications. At Goodman Dermatology, we offer these topical CBD products for patients seeking both cosmetic benefits and skin health benefits.

What is CBD Skin Treatment for Aesthetics?

CBD has many skin-related benefits, and therefore has become a popular solution for improving the appearance of the skin. Treatment with CBD can help with the unwanted cosmetic symptoms of many skin conditions. For example, CBD can help relieve inflammation of the skin, which may contribute to a reduction in symptoms from eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Additionally, CBD can help reduce oil production in the skin, which is often a primary cause of acne breakouts. As a result, CBD can be used as a technique for acne management. These and other benefits are possible when using CBD as part of a well-rounded skin care regimen.