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Prescription Refill Policy

All of our providers (physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant) participate in electronic prescribing directly to your local and mail order pharmacies. Our goal is to process prescription refill requests within 24 to 48 hours. Please keep the following in mind when requesting a refill from your pharmacist:

Prescription refills require close monitoring by your provider to ensure the safe continuation of the appropriate dose, frequency and term of that medication. 

Your provider will prescribe the appropriate number of prescription refills to last until your next scheduled appointment.

To avoid running out of medicine, it is the patient’s responsibility to schedule the next appointment in advance and with adequate time to receive the needed prescription refill.

Some medications are not refillable by telephone request; e.g. prednisone. An in-person evaluation is required.

Some medication refills will only be given with a limited quantity and/or no additional refills.

Please call the office to schedule reevaluation of your problem.

No refills will be given if the patient has not been seen in the office in the last 12 months. Oral medications will generally not be refilled if the patient has not been seen in the last 6 months.

Medications requiring pre-authorization may require additional time to process.