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Reconstructive Surgery

When surgery is performed to treat skin cancer, it can leave behind significant skin damage. Fortunately, with reconstructive surgery at Goodman Dermatology, we can help restore the skin’s appearance. This treatment is available to patients visiting our locations in Roswell, Marietta / East Cobb, Woodstock and Dawsonville, GA.

What is Reconstructive Surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is a skin cancer treatment technique that may be performed during the initial skin cancer surgery, or after the skin cancer has been completely treated. Since skin often needs to be removed to eliminate cancerous cells, it is common for patients to be left with some degree of scarring or skin damage. Reconstructive surgery can replace lost skin tissue to minimize scarring and preserve the appearance of the skin.

How Much Does Reconstructive Surgery Cost?

The cost of your reconstructive surgery will vary depending on the extent of treatment necessary. At Goodman Dermatology, we understand that each patient is entirely unique. With different skin types, cosmetic features and treatment needs, each patient deserves a personalized treatment that is designed with them in mind. For these reasons, we are not able to provide an exact cost for treatment until we have the opportunity to assess your treatment goals and develop a personalized treatment plan.

During your consultation, we will discuss your needs and treatment goals in order to determine this treatment plan and inform you of your reconstructive surgery cost. To make our treatments more affordable for our patients, we are proud to offer financing options through CareCredit®.

What Can I Expect During the Reconstructive Surgery Treatment?

Reconstructive surgery may be performed during the skin cancer removal surgery, but it may also be delayed until the body has healed from the initial procedure. Small wounds will be stitched and allowed to heal, but large wounds may require skin grafts. This involves taking skin from a donor site on the body. The location of the donor site will vary depending on the patient and the area being treated. Once the skin is taken from the donor site, it will be placed on the treatment area to provide a healthy layer of skin where severe scarring may otherwise occur.

Are There Any Side Effects After Reconstructive Surgery?

The side effects from reconstructive surgery will vary depending on the extent of treatment performed. Since skin grafts will involve surgery in two separate areas, it is common to experience bruising, soreness, swelling, and discomfort in both treatment areas.

Is There Any Downtime Required After Reconstructive Surgery?

The downtime from reconstructive surgery will vary depending on the extent of treatment performed, as well as the location of treatment. Many patients choose to take several days off of work and other activities to allow the body to heal. However, you should be able to return to most normal activities within days or weeks of treatment.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect After Reconstructive Surgery?

It can be difficult to completely eliminate scarring from skin cancer treatment, but reconstructive surgery can make a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin following skin cancer surgery. The goal is to provide you with the most natural appearance possible, so that you can feel confident returning to your usual routine after the completion of skin cancer treatment.

Are you considering reconstructive surgery at Goodman Dermatology? With multiple locations, we serve patients throughout the North Atlanta region, including those from Jasper, Johns Creek, Canton, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody, GA. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!