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Hair Transplant Surgery

For patients experiencing hair loss, hair transplant surgery can be an effective solution. Goodman Dermatology offers this and other hair restoration treatments to residents of Roswell, Marietta / East Cobb, Woodstock and Dawsonville, GA.

What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplant surgery, also called hair replacement surgery, is a hair restoration technique that involves taking hair from a healthy part of the scalp and relocating it to a part of the scalp where hair is thinning or balding. For many patients experiencing hair loss, especially male pattern baldness, hair transplant surgery can restore thickness and fullness to the hair, while also encouraging restored hair growth once the transplanted hair follicles are in place.

How Much is Hair Transplant Surgery?

The hair transplant surgery cost will vary depending on your treatment goals. At Goodman Dermatology, we understand that each patient is entirely unique. With different skin types, cosmetic features and treatment needs, each patient deserves a personalized treatment that is designed with them in mind. For these reasons, we are not able to provide an exact cost for treatment until we have the opportunity to assess your treatment goals and develop a personalized treatment plan.

During your consultation, we will discuss your needs and treatment goals in order to determine this treatment plan and inform you of the hair surgery cost. To make our treatments more affordable for our patients, we are proud to offer financing options through CareCredit®.

What Can I Expect During the Hair Surgery Treatment?

The hair loss surgery treatment is performed using anesthetics to ensure your safety and comfort. It can be performed using various techniques, depending on your hair loss patterns, desired results, and availability of hair in the donor site. Hair follicles may be transplanted one by one, using a technique known as follicular unit extraction (FUE). Alternatively, hair follicles can be removed in groups, typically in a strip of hair, known as strip hair transplant. Once removed, the follicles will be securely transplanted in the scalp, where they will eventually resume natural growth. 

Hair Transplant Surgery

Are There Any Side Effects After Hair Transplant Surgery?

After hair transplant surgery, you may experience some itching, swelling, or discomfort in either the donor site or the transplant location. Most of these effects are minor, and will fade within a week or two of treatment.

Is There Any Downtime Required After Hair Transplant Surgery?

There is no significant downtime or recovery period necessary after hair transplant surgery. However, you will need to take special care when washing your hair so as not to irritate the transplanted follicles or the donor location. Wait one day before washing your hair, then begin washing gently without allowing water to spray directly onto your treatment area.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect After Hair Transplant Surgery?

After hair transplant surgery, it is common for some of the transplanted hair to fall out. Over the months following treatment, natural hair growth will resume in the transplanted follicles and you will notice increased hair growth. These results will be long-lasting, but they cannot prevent natural hair loss from developing in the future.

Contact us today to learn more about hair loss surgery or to schedule your consultation at Goodman Dermatology. We serve the men and women living in Alpharetta, Marietta / East Cobb, Dawsonville, and the neighboring cities of Georgia.